Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF

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Having been an industry standard for almost two decades, it is no surprise that many organizations are reconsidering their Oracle Forms strategy in order to meet changing user requirements, fluctuating business demands and regulations.

As a result, organizations tend to interact using a wide variety of technology interfaces, services and distributions. Therefore, the need for middleware components to orchestrate interoperability between distributed software applications becomes more and more crucial.

The QAFE conversion tool breaks down monolithic Oracle Forms applications into reusable components that are automatically converted to ADF. Any logic that resides in Forms is extracted and collected into a package that can be run on the database after the conversion.

The result is a native and data-aware ADF application that can be tuned, extended and maintained in JDeveloper. At this point the Forms runtime is 100% redundant, nor are there any dependencies on QAFE software.

QAFE simply acts acts as a one-time ‘translator’.

QAFE provides an online converter to make the auto-conversion phase as simple as possible. Also the pricing model is straightforward; pay-as-you-use conversion credits allow our customers to spread budgets over time, to only convert specific Oracle Forms and to avoid big-bang implementations.

In addition QAFE offers optional support packages and consultancy services to assist your conversion project.