Oracle Forms to HTML5

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QAFE Forms enables the transition of Oracle Forms applications (6i anp up) to a modern architecture web application, by breaking down Oracle Forms applications into reusable components that are automatically converted.

Any logic that resides in Forms is extracted and collected into a package that can be run on the database after the conversion. PL/SQL developers can get to work immediately; there’s no need to learn Java.

Best of all, QAFE features an automated conversion approach, reducing time-to-market significantly.

Also the pricing model is straightforward; pay-as-you-use conversion credits allow our customers to spread budgets over time and to only convert specific Oracle Forms.

To avoid big-bang implementations QAFE supports an hybrid conversion approach that allows for inter-operability between converted and not-converted Forms (Oracle Forms 11g required).

In addition QAFE offers optional support packages, consultancy services, training modules and runtime support.