QAFE Forms Conversion release 1.7

We’ve just released QAFE Forms Conversion version 1.7.

This update contains stability improvements and bugfixes. We’re also introducing some exciting new features in this release. Below is the list with the most important changes.

  • Unique id’s for all code
  • Auto overflow implementation from block definition
  • Endless scrolling default in datagrids (same as Oracle Forms)
  • Full implementation of LOV’s: no manual coding required
  • Graphics handling
  • Code reduction in the output code
  • Automated Script output for Master Detail
  • Graphics Text processing also included
  • Handling of Viewport information
  • More detailed information in conversion summary
  • Better layout with less code

We plan to release more often. We have some features planned for our next release which reduce the time needed for possible manual work after conversion.

This release is available now and can be used with the QAML Builder. Download and install the software from here.

For any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact our support team  at and stay tuned for our next update!

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