QAFE 3.3.0 & Forms Conversion 1.12.0 Released

QAFE 3.3

We’ve just released version 3.3 of the QAFE Engine.

One of the most important features in this release is the introduction of Client Side Events. Without changing any QAML code, you can make sure that the body of an event gets executed on the client-side, as in the browser (change the file and add the value “clientside.event.enabled=true”). The biggest benefit is increased performance because a server round-trip is not needed, resulting in a more responsive application. For example, Chrome Developer Tools shows that it’s far more efficient.


Because the execution happens client-side, you can see that QAFE doesn’t use any network resources anymore.

Note: by default the value for clientside.event.enabled is false.

Another big feature is the usage of REST interface to invoke business-actions. The benefit is that other front-end technologies (such as AngularJS, Web Components, any AJAX supported UI library)  can use the same logic through REST-JSON.

  • The QAFE Engine is now less dependent on third-party software
  • We’ve done cleanup of dependencies, e.g. XML libraries
  • New and improved Forms Conversion wizards for the QAML Builder
  • Updated documentation on GitHub
  • Several bugfixes


Forms Conversion 1.12.0

QAFE Oracle Forms Conversion to HTML5 and QAFE Oracle Forms Conversion to ADF are also updated and now available for anyone who wants to modernize the Oracle Forms stack to JEE standard applications.

Highlights of this release:

  • Major improvements on script generation, where all the logic is collected from the Oracle Form
  • In ADF conversion, the summary page in the wizard also shows the explicit TODOs for ADF developers
  • Specific combinations of items are rendered correctly
  • Layout improvements by improving the algorithm
  • Several bugfixes

To get started with our latest release, download the software here.

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