Online QAFE ADF Converter

Online QAFE ADF Conversion

Here we describe the step-by-step process of the Online QAFE ADF Conversion. In couple of simple steps the Oracle Form is converted to a native ADF Application.


  1. Go to which presents you the login page. Enter your credentials to proceed or register a new account. To register for conversions, only your emailaddress is required.adfonline1
  2. After successful login you get an overview of your available credits for ADF conversion. You also see your conversion history. No further action can be done here, so simply continue by pressing the “Convert New Form” button.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: One credit conforms to one unique conversion. Converting the same Oracle Form multiple times will not cost you additional credits.
  3. After the credit overview you can select or simply drag the Oracle Forms and other dependent files which are needed for conversion to Oracle ADF onto the file upload area.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: For the best conversion result make sure to upload all dependent files, like OLBs, PLLs and parent FMBs. The ADF Online Converter does not warn you about missing dependencies.
  4. By clicking on the file upload area a file selection popup appears. Select one or more files and press open. All selected files are listed in the lower part of the screen. In this case “someform.fmb” was selected.
  5. Now the selected Oracle Forms and dependent files can be converted to an Oracle ADF project by pressing the “Start Conversion” button.
  6. After the conversion has finished the Oracle ADF project is automatically downloaded as a zipfile. Unzip/Extract the downloaded zipfile.adfonline6
  7. Now you can open the converted (extracted) application in JDeveloper 11g (
  8. After opening the application in Oracle JDeveloper, the database connection needs to be checked. Open the “Edit Database Connection” window via, on the left-hand side, Application Resources > Connections > Database then right-click on the connection and finally select Properties.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: First check whether a connection can be made to the database by clicking on Test Connection. If this is not the case, please re-type the password and test the connection again.
  9. Finally, on the left-hand side you can start the project through Projects > <yourproject> > Web Content > pages > LandingPage.jspx file. Right click on the file and select Run.
  10. In the browser you’ll see the running application including data from the database.adfonline10

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