How QAFE complies with Gartners recommendations for Oracle Forms Modernization and Migration

Recently Gartner published this recommendation for Oracle Forms Modernization and Migration. Key Findings and Recommendations learn that Application Development organizations should:

1. Update to a supported version to gain advantages in centralized management and deployment.

2. Modernize and integrate SOA and other middleware best practices and infrastructures (specifically Oracle’s Fusion Middleware stack and Java development tools).

3. Migrate next-generation development projects to industry-dominant technologies (for example, Java, Microsoft .NET and open-source software) to align with industry best practices in the future.

With QAFE you effectively tackle the second and third recommendation. QAFE not only supports a Service Oriented Architecture, it offers great tools to get an instant overview of your Architecture. On top of which – point 3 – QAFE is industry-dominant in more than one way: it helps you to go cloud on basically any given platform, while being able to render applications to any given web technology.

This makes QAFE an instantly deployable, future-proof platform for your entire Enterprise Applications Development roadmap. With Oracle Forms, to quote Gartner’s bottom line “as a supporting player, bridging the gap between older deployed systems that need to integrate and interoperate with newer platforms and application architectures”.

To address Gartner’s first recommendation in closing: Update to a supported version to gain advantages in centralized management and deployment. In our demo center in The Netherlands we have QAFE running on an Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, integrated with Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Policy Automation and Oracle NoSQL: proving that QAFE and Oracle are what Oracle calls ‘Engineered to work together’.

So whether you you decide to move ahead with Oracle in centralized management, or you prefer to reinvigorate Oracle Forms on an other platform, QAFE has got your back. Call us anytime for a demonstration, +31 70 319 5000, or use this contact form for more information on Oracle Forms Modernization via email.

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