What version of ADF is supported in QAFE?

The QAFE ADF Exporter exports to version 12c (12.1.3).

Why is QAFE going to ADF while having an open source engine?

Some companies follow Oracle as a strategy. QAFE uses the abstract definition of the application which means it’s easy to move to any output. In this case, ADF.

What are the costs of converting Oracle Forms to ADF?

QAFE offers a server side conversion engine that allows you to upload and convert your Oracle Forms to a native ADF project. Conversion prizes are based on the number of Oracle Forms and their complexity. You can purchase a conversion credit per Oracle Form which allows you to do unlimited conversions per unique FMB. For more detailed information on pricing, please contact

I want to convert more Oracle Forms. What do I need to do?

Please contact and they can instantly upgrade your number of conversion credits.

Are taskflows included?

Yes, this is a now standard in ADF.

Are Entity Objects included?


Are View Objects included?

Yes, for the queries and calls to the database.

Does QAFE handle LOVs (List of Values)?

Yes, simple with input Parameters writing to other blocks.

Does QAFE handle Overflow?

Yes, out of the box.

Does QAFE handle Master-detail?


How far is the code optimized?

QAFE implements many best practices on Oracle Forms to ADF. These are implemented out of the box.

What happens with OLB’s (Object Libraries)?

If the Oracle Form is dependent on Object Libraries, the conversion engine will automatically detect the OLB’s and inform you about them. The OLB information is included in the output.

What do I need to do when my Oracle Forms inherits from another Oracle Form?

Make sure all the FMB’s are available. The conversion engines use this information to create the output.

Which steps do I need to follow in order to convert Oracle Forms to ADF?

Just download the QAFE software from The conversion engine supports Oracle Forms 6i and higher.

How are multiple Oracle Forms (FMB’s) converted to ADF?

When multiple FMB’s are selected, the ADF Exporter will make sure that no double entries will be created and that the output is maintainable.

What do I need as input for the QAFE ADF Exporter?

Just the FMB’s and the dependencies.

Which versions of Oracle Forms are supported?

Version 6i and higher.

How many free credits do I get?

You receive 2 free conversion credits for evaluation purposes. Please contact to purchase additional conversion credits.

My question isn’t listed here.

Contact if you have technical questions. Contact for pricing information.

Do you offer a reseller program?

Yes, please contact to discuss partner opportunities.

How does QAFE ADF conversion benefit my Oracle FMW stack?

We’ve written a whitepaper on this subject. You can request a copy here.

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