Everything you always wanted to know about QAFE in 3 days? This is your chance! After this training you will be able to build applications from scratch, organize your project for reusability and deploy your applications on virtually the same day you come up with a new idea!

1. Description

This course focuses on developing QAFE Applications from scratch, using QAML and the QAML Builder tool. The developer will learn how the several architecture tiers integrate with each other, how the data retrieval works and how to create business actions, services and control statements. A theoretical exam will be taken on the last day in order to become a Certified QAFE Developer.

2. Goal

Build applications from scratch, learn to organize your project for reusability and deploy your applications.
This course enables you to create QAFE applications instantly, starting out from simple, to complex, maintainable applications.

3. For whom?

Developers: Java or Oracle developers, web developers & technical consultants.

4. Prerequisites

• Understanding of basic XML and preferably some web development experience.
• Using Eclipse as an IDE would also be preferred.
• Level can vary from beginner to expert level developer.

5. Topics

Presentation tier

  1. Components
  2. Styling
  3. Conditional styling
  4. Events
  5. Built-ins
  6. Control flow
  7. Global events


  1. Setup
  2. Combining several services


  1. Setup
  2. Input variable mapping


  1. Database resource
  2. Statements
  3. Java resource
  4. Spring resource

Application Configuration

  1. Simple application
  2. Auto merge possibilities
  3. Security
  4. Multilingual support


  • QAML Builder

6. Duration

3 days, followed by a theoretical exam on the last day in order to become a Certified QAFE Developer.

The course starts at 09:00AM until 04:30PM.

7. Trainers

Rokesh Jankie, Reyco Kha, Ravi Nair

8. Fee

1,700 EUR (excluding VAT). This fee includes lunch, snacks, drinks, tea and coffee during the 3 day course duration.

9. Location

The course will be held at
Qualogy B.V. HQ
De Bruynkopsstraat 9,
2288EC, Rijswijk.
Phonenr: +31 70319500

If the number of attendees exceeds 10 persons, we are able to relocate to another location.

10. When?

Every last week of the month; on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
We can deviate and schedule a training at a mutual convenient time.

More information – or to immediately reserve your place?
For more information, or direct reservation to secure your place for this great opportunity, contact us here.