Get the software

Note: QAFE platform is open source (Apache v2.0) .

The code and instructions to build manually can be found here.

The QAML Builder is only available as binary download.

1. Prerequisites

For running QAFE software the following prequisites are defined:

  1. You will need at least JDK7 (Java Development Kit 7) 32-bits or later. If necessary, download and install the JDK for your platform.Caution: Make sure you have the JDK and not the JRE (Java Runtime Environment).
    Caution: Note that regardless of your Windows being 32-bit or 64-bit, the 32-bit version of the JDK is the one to download.

If you are unfamiliar with JEE concepts, especially the Web Container specification, please read this: The QAFE Engine is a JEE Web Application, packaged in standard WAR file format. The documentation behind this link is Oracle Weblogic specific, but also goes for the other JEE AppServer Vendors.

2. Download the QAFE Install Wizard

IMPORTANT NOTE:QAFE is optimised for Eclipse 4.3; if you are already running Eclipse please skip the section below and continue here.

Click on your operating system to start the download of the QAFE Install Wizard for the QAFE
Platform and QAML Builder. After downloading the Install Wizard, unzip the download file
(Mac users) or double click the executable (Windows & Linux users).

There is also a standalone version of the QAFE Platform available. Just unzip and change location in the Maven pom.xml in your project.

Please check our Troubleshooting page if you encounter any issues.

3. Start a Project

Now you have installed the QAML Builder please review this info, so you’re ready to start your project.

  1. Start a QAML project
  2. Start converting Oracle Forms

Learn more about the platform on github.