CEO –  Paul Mehilal

Paul Mehilal is the founder and CEO of Qualogy and QAFE.

After obtaining his degree in Computer Science from Leiden University in 1992, Paul started working at Oracle. In 1998, he founded Qualogy, initially an IT consultancy firm specialized in Oracle and Java. Paul quickly expanded the company’s scope, branching out to other sectors, opening a second office in South America and a third in North America.

Paul is the quintessential entrepreneur; in just 15 years the company grew from 3 to over 200 employees.

“Qualogy aims to serve its customers with high quality solutions, implemented by skilled consultants with up-to-date knowledge on the latest technological developments.”

This philosophy also applies to QAFE and Paul firmly believes the highly skilled personnel at both companies is key: “With over 200 employees in The Netherlands and The Americas and an additional 100 temporary staff members, we have over 300 people working for us, which is enough brainpower to make a success of any challenge.”

CTO – Rokesh Jankie


Rokesh is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of QAFE.

Rokesh obtained his MA degree in Computer Science at Leiden University, The Netherlands in 1998. His field of specialization was Algorithms and NP-complete problems. As scheduling problems can be NP-complete, this is the area he decided to tackle.

After completing his study, Rokesh worked for the University of Leiden, ORTEC consultants, and Ponte Vecchio before joining Qualogy. It is at Qualogy he used his experiences to establish QAFE, a platform for creating future-proof web applications.

Rokesh designed QAFE, inspired by Google and Apple technology, to bring the focus back on the business while in the meantime allowing the customer enjoy the new technologies with next-to-no hassle and without incurring major investments.

Says Rokesh: “It’s the business that’s the driver and it’s technology that’s helping us attain our goals. If we continue to focus on what we want to achieve it will lead to additional interesting applications”.

In addition to being a real family man, a photographer and die-hard film buff, Rokesh is also a fitness instructor.

  • Qualogy Board Member and Head of Qualogy Product Development
  • Organizer Google Developer Group Netherlands
  • Member of the W3C Web Applications Working Group

CCO – Steven Sharma


Steven Sharma is Chief Commercial Officer for QAFE.

In his role as CCO, Steven leads the QAFE sales and marketing team that delivers innovative and practical technology solutions to small and medium businesses, public institutions and large enterprises.

In addition to sales and marketing, he’s also responsible for the growth and the strategic commercial direction of QAFE Worldwide.

Steven joined the company in 2012. Prior to his current position, he spent 15 years in the hotel and commercial real estate branches in roles ranging from Sales Manager and General Manager to Sales Director.

Steven earned a BA degree in hotel management, which also covered economics and business administration.

In his spare time, Steven is passionate about Formula 1 racing, making music and playing squash.